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We bleach cotton fibers following the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards and our customers specifications, using safe and approved chlorine-free formulae and process controls. Production lots are traceable, consistent, and designed for your product’s application.

United Trading International’s business focus is to provide safe and effective grades of finished bleached cotton for use in medical, pharmaceutical, health, personal and home care applications.

Bleached cotton has proven success in products that clean, exfoliate, wipe, absorb, remove, protect, filter, apply, abrade, polish, contain, and deliver. Additionally, bleached cotton is uniquely-suited to upgrading existing products and the development of new ones.

This is absorbent 100%  bleached cotton of the Elite type. The cotton is bleached using hydrogen peroxide and is totally chlorine free (TCF), odourless and contains no traces of husk, seed coat, or any other impurities including any metal contamination. The mean fiber length is 18-22 mm while the micronaire is 3.90 – 5.10. It is a rougher and more robust version of absorbent bleached comber.

It is a lower quality cotton waste and the main difference lies in the raw material comber noil. Card strip has a longer staple length than strip while at the same time it has less nips. The cotton fiber goes through a mechanical pre-cleaning process first, then it is bleached by using hydrogen peroxide. Especially used for tampons, filtration and nonwoven fabrics.

The shortest fibers of our products are found in strip. Strip has a shorter staple length and more nips that card strip, but still it is widely used by consumers. It is designed for use in all basic cotton products. It is an essential product that can be used in medical and personal hygiene goods as well as all other areas in which cotton is required.

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United Trading International provides bleached cotton to customers globally for a variety of markets and end-users, such as: medical devices, feminine care products, tampons, facial rounds and square pads, consumer products, personal and household wipes.

Our process and product development as well as our understanding of the many markets we are involved in gives us a unique insight into the global market place.

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100% bleached comber cotton is a waste and consists of fibers or combers obtained from the seed-coat of various species of the genus Gossypium L. Plant. Comber Cotton is a by-product of the yarn spinning process, produced when cotton is combed in comber machine to remove short fibers. 

We also have the organic version of this same product, therefore it is not contaminated by anything but 100% natural, it is carefully cultivated with extra attention to the quality and softness of the cotton itself. Our Organic Bleached Comber is Gots Certified.

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